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Our Portfolio Products

Small Business Loans

Business Acquisition

Fix & Flips

Commercial Real Estate

Equipment Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Commercial Real Estate financing

Consumer Financing

Franchise Financing

Healthcare & Medical Financing

Refi & Mortgages loans

Stated Income commercial Real Estate

SBA Loans

Bridge Loans


Equity investors and hedge funds

Unsecured business line of credit

International financing


Cannabis industry funding

Covers Latin America (excluding Venezuela) Canada (especially Mexico) for these regions we do not have a minimum and can finance any type of deal (i.e. business acquisition, lines of credit, P.O Financing, etc.).
For Europe, Asia, and Africa we have a minimum deal size of $3 million and are limited only to P.O financing, Receivable Financing, and Trade financing)

Who Can Apply

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We call ourselves a solutions provider because that’s exactly what we are. We look beyond the need for simple business loans and try to determine which financing package offers the greatest benefit to your company. We offer financial assistance to support every facet of your business, including our own in-house underwriter that evaluate the best options to get you financed.

Our vast array of both traditional and non-traditional financing programs, including contract financing, merchant cash advances, purchase order financing, as well as health care and medical financing. You name the need, and we’ll help develop a customized lending package for you.

Existing Companies

  • 3 to 6-month bank statements
  • Monthly income $10,000 month or more
  • Approval is determine by your revenue not based on your credit score

Start Up Companies

  • Revolving credit lines and credit cards at 0% interest for up to 24 Months
  • Cash Line of Credit (monthly payments and rates from 8%-15% interest)
  • Term Loans (fixed payments up to 84 months )
    Special Loan programs for Veterans and family
  • Liquidation (access to funds as cash)

Credit score 620 above in all 3 credit bureaus (Can use business partner or family member to assist with qualifying)

  • Company can be Pre-revenue
  • No bankruptcies in the last 4 years
  • No Restricted Industry

Answer Questions To Get Approved

All Our Clients Get Approved

Fran owns a real-estate service  and got approved for a $100k loan. She needed money to consolidate and hire a new employee. 


Cathy owns a trucking company and needed money for inventory. She was denied by 4 banks but  we got Cathy approved for a $8900 loan  


Shomar owns a Construction and Renovation Company needed money to take over the space next door. We got Shomar a $25,000 loan.


ChelAngela owns a café and he got approved for $22k to be able to expand and purchase new equipment


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